Helping people transform their lives

For more than 45 years, Maximus has partnered with governments to provide high-quality health and human service programmes that are cost-effective and tailored to the needs of the people. We are driven by a mission to strengthen communities and improve the lives of those we serve.

Success comes from aligning three goals

Helping government

Government programmes have unique challenges. We provide solutions that elevate customer service and improve efficiency.

Serving people

We never forget government programmes have the power to transform lives. That’s why we’re continually enhancing access and ease of use for citizens.

Improving outcomes

Programmes are more than processes and rules. Our ongoing focus is ensuring policy translates into outcomes that matter.

Delivering success

With more than 45 years of experience delivering government programmes, Maximus has the expertise to align the needs of government and the people.

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Finding jobs, changing lives, moving the nation forward

Maximus is a global leader for connecting job seekers to meaningful careers. We work with a range of people from Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Technicians (PMETs), ex-offenders, as well as Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

Our local team is dedicated to providing job seekers the information, advice and support that will help them on the path to successful employment. We also partner with employers by understanding their business needs and connecting them with well-prepared and motivated job seekers with the right skillset for the job.

Our current programmes include the Career Matching Programme (CMP) and the Ex-Offender Retention Programme (Yellow Ribbon).

Finding jobs, changing lives, moving the nation forward

Creating a healthy and productive workforce

As a leading global provider of health and wellbeing services, we work with both government and businesses to promote physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Whether that’s providing interventions to improve health outcomes for specific populations, or helping companies keep their employees healthy and productive.

Our services include:

  • Physical and mental health awareness training — We specialise in helping individuals to develop the knowledge, confidence and capacity to support others, and to manage their own physical and mental wellbeing. Learn more about our health workshops.
  • Digital health and wellbeing — Our digital wellbeing platforms and programmes are designed to enable organisations and communities to take a more proactive approach to health and wellbeing.
  • Health coaching — highly trained health coaches inspire individuals to adopt healthier choices and achieve health goals.
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Creating a healthy and productive workforce

Transforming public policy goals into tangible outcomes

As a leader in providing governmental services internationally, you can rely on our expertise to support you in the design, development, and delivery of social programmes . For example:

  • Optimize service delivery and business operations
  • Modernize or replace outdated information systems
  • Consider new options for leveraging funding
  • Test and implement new programmes and policy ideas
  • Service improvement
Transforming public policy goals into tangible outcomes