Physical activity is an integral part of a healthy active lifestyle which strengthens the body, making the body stronger. However, if we do not understand the intensity of physical activity before any engagement, it may have adverse effects which one may be prone of sustaining injury.

Read this article on Understanding The Different Intensity Levels of Physical Activity by Health Promotion Board (HPB) which shares the different intensity of physical activity and the formula on finding the correct intensity level which you should be adhering to.

Formula (to measure number of heartbeat after engaging in a physical activity):


Number of heartbeats for 15 sec x 4

X 100%

= % of your maximum heart rate

220 - Age


% of your maximum heart rate determines the intensity level of physical activity that you should be engaging to benefit at its best.

Complete the quiz here: https://go.gov.sg/digiprogw1q1

Now that you are aware about the importance of adhering to the correct intensity level of physical activity, let us zoom in further to the recommended weekly duration of physical activity by HPB and the benefits we can reap from it.

Studies have shown that by engaging in a regular exercise regime, our bodies can benefits so much more, not just in our physics and stamina, it helps to reduce risk of chronic diseases, improve sleep quality etc.

Read about the programme on National Steps Challenge™ and find out how exercising with HPB can translate to rewards too by achieving 150 minutes of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) per week.

Complete the quiz here: https://go.gov.sg/digiprogw1q2


Image of a woman in a meeting with two men a work

Light activity

Image of a woman in a meeting with two men a work

Moderate activity

Image of two men shaking hands in agreement

Vigorous activity