Mental Wellbeing Workshops


Since the onset of Covid-19, more than 9 in 10 Singaporeans (91%) have reflected that their mental health has declined (AIA study, Apr 2021). Increasingly, the topic of mental health is coming to the forefront, and many employers are now starting to see the importance of investing in their staff’s mental wellbeing.

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Available workshops

 General employees:

  • Introduction to Managing Personal Resilience
  • Thriving Under Pressure 
  • Understanding Mental Wellbeing 
  • Positive Thinking 
  • Building Strong Networks
  • Building a Supportive Workplace for Co-Workers
  • Holistic Self-Care Organizational Excellence – Building Resilience Together
  • Thriving in the Workplace (General Employees)

Supervisory level staff:

  • Understanding Mental Health 
  • Stress and Mental Wellbeing
  • Discussing Mental Health 
  • Building a Supportive Workplace
  • Thriving in the Workplace (Managers)


  • All By Myself: Overcoming Loneliness & Social Isolation
  • Burnout in the New Normal: Learning to Self-Manage & Stay Recharged
  • Combatting Coronasomnia: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Mental Wellness for WFH Parents

All workshops are 1-hour in duration and are conducted by trainers certified by the Health Promotion Board.